Young Adulthood Research Paper


ASSIGNMENT: Students must choose one (1) of the articles from the list below.  After a selection has been made and the article has been located using the CCBC Library Database, students are to write a multi-paragraph summary based on the different parts of the article (see “Assignment Specifications” for more detailed information).    Young Adulthood Ø  Netting, N. S., & Reynolds, M. K. (2018). Thirty years of sexual behavior at a Canadian university: Romantic relationships, hooking up, and sexual choices. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 27(1), 55–68. Ø  Howard Caldwell, C., Kohn-Wood, L. P., Schmeelk-Cone, K. H., Chavous,  T. M., & Zimmerman, M. A.  (2004). Racial discrimination and racial identity as risk or protective factors for violent behaviors in African American young adults. American Journal of Community Psychology, 33(1-2), 91-105.  ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Your paper should include several paragraphs for each of the following sections. Be certain to follow APA style section heading style and format. Introduction  An introductory paragraph introduces the reader to the topic of your paper and states the thesis of the research.  For the purpose of this assignment, the introductory paragraph should describe the research topic presented within the selected article as well as the main points discussed throughout the article.   Rationale Trace the logical reasons for this research based upon the findings of previous research.  In other words, what prior findings discussed in the selected article led the researchers to the current experiment?  For example, if researchers wanted to do a study about a new medication to be given to children, then part of the rationale (e.g. reasoning) might be that no one has researched the medication on children before.  Another possibility could be that the medications currently used with children have been found to have serious side effects. Methods Describe the subjects, procedures, and measurement tools used in the study.   Results What were the findings of the researchers?  Although you are not expected to interpret advanced statistics, focus on the summative statements in the section.   Discussion/Conclusion What does the experimental evidence add to the existing knowledge?  How did the authors critique their own research? How does these research findings apply or could be applied to personal and professional ethics which may impact people during their lives?   Critical Thinking In what ways do the research findings fit with the content you have learned in Human Growth and Development?  How might the research findings impact people during their lives?  How does this research apply/or could be applied to or differ from the  local diversity and global perspectives (e.g., parenting styles, sexual expression, relationship patterns, treatment of different age groups, gender roles, death, dying, bereavement, and other human development topics)?   References Please include the resource/s that you used to write this article summary.     Reminders: Be sure that your paper includes at least six paragraphs identifying each of the research elements noted above. Obey APA rules for quotations, paraphrases, and citations You may not use quotes for more than 20% of your paper. Please spell and grammar check your papers. Proofread your paper to ensure your sentences make sense. ·         Submissions must include a reference page with the article citation.         ·         Your paper should be written in American Psychological Association (APA) format.  It is not necessary to write an abstract for this assignment.  You may access the APA headings link: ·         CCBC Library: Citation Basics: APA Style

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Young Adulthood Research Paper
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