What makes a good proposal essay?


In this response paper you will find the 7 things that your essay must address.  Use these questions as an outline for your final proposal essay, and explain in at least 3-4 sentences per section how you will establish these requirements in your essay. ****Based from attached annotated bibliograpy State the Problem Your essay should begin by demonstrating that a problem exists.  In some cases, it may be obvious to your audience, and a lot of background and detail won’t be necessary.  Sometimes, a problem may not be as obvious, and will need more background information.  Propose a Solution Once you establish a problem exists, you must propose a solution.  Again, sometimes a solution will be obvious.  Other times, you may be proposing a solution that will take many steps to achieve.  In that case, you will need to lay out the entirety of the solution. Demonstrate that your Solution Will Work Once you propose a solution, you need to provide evidence that it will work (facts, examples, experiences, research etc).  Perhaps you are proposing an entirely new solution that to your knowledge has not been attempted before.  In that case you need demonstrate how similar programs have worked, and therefore can work for your solution. Establish Feasibility You solution should be feasible, or practical.  Sometimes a problem can easily be solved, but the cost to solve it might be worse.  Also, a solution might be desired, but still not practical.   Discuss the Benefits Discussing benefits can help persuade your audience that your solution is best, especially those that might be undecided. Refute Opposing Arguments You must assume that anything proposed will be challenged by someone.  There will be questions and concerns, even if your solution is not controversial.  It is always best practice to anticipate possible objections, and refute them up front.  See TSIS for more information on “planting a naysayer”   Conclude A conclusion is more than a restatement of your proposal or thesis.  Here you may look towards the future results of implementing your proposal.  This can also take into account the “So What, Who Cares?”(TSIS 92) factor of your argument.

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What makes a good proposal essay?
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