What have been the impacts of states which have increased their minimum wage?


This is all the websites  https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/26468 https://irle.berkeley.edu/minimum-wage-effects-in-low-wage-areas/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4940666/ https://ideas.repec.org/p/iza/izadps/dp13369.html https://wol.iza.org/articles/employment-effects-of-minimum-wages/long https://econpapers.repec.org/article/eeecysrev/v_3a72_3ay_3a2017_3ai_3ac_3ap_3a60-70.htm  and these are the references for the websites ! someone already did the annotated bibliography for me, for my research essay. and these are the references. I went ahead and found the websites Im pretty sure its the right ones, if not let me know. but it should be easier for you know. I am needing a research essay !  it needs 6 to 7 sources to be used !   MLA format !     5 to 6 pages long !!!!   NO grammar MISTAKES AND NO plagiarism, I WILL BE CHECKING !!!! please do the best essay you can. i need an A.  THE TOPIC for the research essay is ” What have been the impacts of states which have increased their minimum wage? ”  References Del Carpio, V., & Pabon M., L. (2017). Implications of minimum wages increase on labor market dynamics lessons for emerging economies. Social Protection and Labor Global Practice Group: World Bank Group. Godøy, A., & Reich, M. (2019). Minimum wage effects in low-wage areas. Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, 106, 19. Komro, K. A., Livingston, M. D., Markowitz, S., & Wagenaar, A. C. (2016). The effect of an increased minimum wage on infant mortality and birth weight. American journal of public health, 106(8), 1514-1516. Ku, H. (2020). Does Minimum Wage Increase Labor Productivity? Evidence from Piece Rate Workers. Neumark, D. (2018). Employment effects of minimum wages. IZA World of Labor. Raissian, K. M., & Bullinger, L. R. (2017). Money matters: Does the minimum wage affect child maltreatment rates?. Children and youth services review, 72, 60-70.

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What have been the impacts of states which have increased their minimum wage?
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