The Triangle Fire – Jewish life in NY


PROFESSOR RECOMMENDED David Von Drehle’s book “Triangle” and Richard Greeneald’s “The Triangle Fire, the Protocols of Peace, and Industrial Democracy.”

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The Triangle Fire – Jewish life in NY
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For the Final Research Paper, each student should identify a particular topic or theme in New York City’s Jewish history and construct a well-informed, unique, and clearly-organized argument related to that topic. In order to conduct sufficient research for this final paper, each student must consult at least one book not from the class readings (although students may draw information from course readings) or five scholarly articles on that subject. Students may choose to write about a work of fiction, in which case they should make a historical argument related to the author, the period in which the author lived, or other relevant historical issues connected to the theme of the fictional work. Students may also choose to analyze a movie, in which case they must consult at least five scholarly articles (or an outside book) that either reviews the film, speaks to the time period that the film portrays, or speaks to the time period in which the director, screenwriter, or actors lived.

Papers in that receive a grade in A range will demonstrate that the student consulted the above-mentioned number of outside reading materials and presented a unique argument informed by the history and scholarly themes that have been explored throughout the semester. Papers earning top marks must also keep typos to a minimum, follow proper formatting, and provide consistent citations throughout the paper. Likewise, high grades will be afforded to papers that demonstrate careful planning and organization, and a clear and concise argument. Students are encouraged to work on this final research paper well in advance of the due date; papers that appear rushed and completed at the last minute are unlikely to earn an A grade. Be sure to proof-read prior to submission, and, if possible, to have an outside reader go over the paper in order to eliminate typos and awkward phrases. BE PROUD OF YOUR RESEARCH, WRITING, AND HARD WORK, AND SHOW OFF HOW MUCH YOU HAVE LEARNED THIS SEMESTER

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