Session 10

Total length of this assignment: 2-3 pages.

Reading: pages 218-247 in The Science Book

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Session 10
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Science_10 Humans.pdf

Assignment on Lecture and Reading

Give short definitions of the following terms:

reproduction, embryo, amniocentesis, puberty, menopause, aging, lungs, bones, X-ray, muscles, tendons, heart blood, metabolism, nutrition, digestion, large intestine, kidneys, hormones, brain, spinal cord, eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin, Immune system, lymph system, immune response, HIV, AIDS, vaccination

Assignment on the Film

Songbirds and monogamy, Chimpanzees and bonobos, Neanderthals and Humans

Describe what the film contains about gender roles; innate violence and pacifism; Neanderthals and modern humans making art.

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