Researched Argument: Is graffiti art or vandalism?


FYW 1000 Fall 2020 3rd Paper: Researched Argument (20% of final grade) Due December 3rd; First Draft (500 words) and Annotated Bibliography due November 17th Length: 1500 words (“Works Cited” page not included) MLA format; 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced, 1-inch margins. An argument essay is a piece of writing where students argue for/against a particular opinion and, as well, propose solutions to a well-defined problem (or problems) within the topic. The writer is expected to use “reasons and evidence to support their positions.” Writing an argumentative essay helps students improve their writing, develop their critical-thinking skills, and also learn how to perform research. For this paper, you will be arguing a position, supporting your claim with evidence from secondary sources, and proposing the best solution to the problem you have identified. You would choose a research topic that is debatable, plausible, and consequential. You can come up with any topic that you are interested in exploring.  Remember that you are taking a side in the debate and using evidence to support your claim(s). You should use information from at least FIVE secondary sources to support your points; at least ONE of these secondary sources should be a peer-reviewed journal. Peer-reviewed articles are written by specialists in a particular field and published in academic journals. You can use the search bar on the school’s library homepage to find peer-reviewed journals. Or other databases like Google Scholar. Characteristics of a good argumentative/proposal essay: —A clear and arguable position. —Identification of a well-defined problem within the topic. —A thesis statement that expresses the main point(s) of your essay. —Necessary background information. —Convincing evidence —Proposed solution(s) for the identified problem(s) within the topic.

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Researched Argument: Is graffiti art or vandalism?
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