Reflective Essay Draft and outline


For this paper, you are your first audience and I am your second. You should write in such a way that you begin to understand your own process of writing, while at the same time conveying that process to me.

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Reflective Essay Draft and outline
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Draft a 750 word or more Reflective Essay that addresses the following questions:

Look back on your experiences from the first paper to now and reflect on your discoveries about yourself as a writer. Please be as specific and concrete as possible about what stood out for you about this experience; include as much detail as you think is necessary to provide a clear idea of your writing experience. For example, you might want to discuss ONE of the following topics: how well you have accomplished one aspect of the writing process this semester (choosing a topic, brainstorming, drafting, revising, or editing) or how you have improved your skills writing one aspect of your essays (thesis, introductions, topic sentences, transitions, conclusions, or perhaps even another skill).

Remember to choose only ONE topic for your essay in order for it to remain focused and truly explore an area of your writing. (I want deep discoveries here, not shallow platitudes.)


Your reflective essay should:

Address the questions posed, give evidence from previous work, and explain connections between the ideas and the evidence.
Reflect the writing process in all steps from choosing a topic through editing.
Evidenced cited (referenced) from previous essays submitted in this course.
Show evidence of proofreading.

This is an simplified example of how you may refer to your own work.

Inside the essay: In the beginning of the semester, I did not fully understand what my instructor was talking about when she referred to transitions. When looking back at my entrance essay and my narrative essay on major world events, it is now apparent that I struggled with transitions between paragraphs. However, after reading more in the textbook about good transitions, I was able to create better transitions between paragraphs in the process essay about volunteering. Specifically, in my process essay about volunteering at the Salvation Army, the transition sentence connecting the agency paragraph with the volunteer experience paragraph was a very smooth transition. I was able to somewhat introduce the volunteer experience at the end of the agency paragraph in order to tie the two paragraphs together to create a seamless flow between these paragraphs (“Giving Back with the Salvation Army” 2).

You must include a Works Cited page. Your Works Cited page must include your specific essay titles like the ones listed below in the example.

Works Cited examples:

Francis, Melanie. “Transitioning from Burger Flipper to a Rewarding Career.” Itawamba Community College, 2020.

Francis, Melanie. “Giving Back with the Salvation Army.” Itawamba Community College, 2020.

Francis, Melanie. “Speaking Up for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves.” Itawamba Community College, 2020.

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