** No need to do essay, just reply to each question separately. Lecture is attached as PDF document, please use as first reference ** Activity 1 Provide appropriate nutrition intervention for the following scenarios. Recommendations should be based on evidence not personal opinion.  1. Your two month old baby isn’t sleeping through the night.  Your mother-in-law advises you to put rice cereal in the baby’s bottle before bedtime.  Do you follow her advice? Why or why not?  2. Your six month old baby has doubled his birthweight, is grasping objects and pulling them to his mouth, and seems hungry all the time despite the eight full bottles he drinks each day.  Do you start solids yet?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  What is the first solid you should introduce when it is time and how are they introduced?  3. Your sister complains to you that your 2-year old niece doesn’t “eat anything” and asks your advice.  What nutrition tips to you give her to help?  4. Your little brother is significantly overweight.  He is 10 and kids at school are making fun of him.  He asks for your help.  What nutrition advice do you give him?  5. An elderly patient at the medical clinic where you work has been losing weight.  When asked he confide that he doesn’t have much money.  What tips might you give him to help his nutrition? Activity 2: Watch 30 minutes of children’s television (cartoons). Count the total number of ads and categorize them by types (food versus other). Then further categorize the food ads as healthy or unhealthy foods. Provide an overall assessment (paragraph) of the quality of nutrition information conveyed by the ads to children and the implications to children’s health.

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