Long Listening report


Long Listening Report Assignment Fall 2020   The following are suggestions of certain details that a listener must focus on when reporting/reviewing a musical performance: Following the Guide for Performance Reports on the next page, please: – Write a four page (in double space, size 12 font) descriptive essay on your musical appreciation of the performance. You should describe each piece on this program and its performance in detail in the 4 page essay which is worth 15% of your final grade. The essay will reflect the student’s unique appreciation of the actual performance as well as the music played, and the medium, environment, protocol.   – Students will have to identify and/or describe the different families of instruments (timbre) present in a particular performance, and the presence of other basic elements of music such as tempo & dynamics, type of melody, etc. of each piece. This description, identification is to be done for each section/movement in multi movement pieces. – Use vocabulary learned in class for the descriptions.  For instance, when you describe dynamics you may use words like forte, mezzo piano, etcetera.    – Students should also name instrumental and/ or vocal solos in the pieces, performance soloist/s (if any), and family of instruments highlighted at a particular time. For instance, The piece starts with the full orchestra but the strings introduce the main melody, There’s a short transition and the saxophone and the woodwinds play the same melody.   There are other solos by the ………   – Students should reveal their own impression on the whole of the program and program protocol and structure of both the music played and players.  When writing the essay remember it should be solely based on your personal appreciation of the music.    – Make sure you identify the assignment, write your full name, class & class section. – The assignment must be written based solely on your listening, your own appreciation of both the music and how is it performed. – It is important that you proof read the assignment.   There is a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. Assignment due date is: Monday, December 7, 2020       https://youtu.be/8KsXPq3nedY “Bolèro”- Maurice Ravel & Slavic Dance #8  Opus 46,                                               Orquesta joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia. Director Vicente Alberola.                Program Notes: 1.    Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1937). According to Donal J. Grout, “Ravel was a brilliant   colorist” (excellent use of timbre/tone color).  His combinations of the various instru –   ments and the sounds were influenced by the impressionism style. However, he    always kept his clean melodic lines, distinct rhythms, and firm structures of the   Classicism. His highly refined use of the orchestra contrasted with the simplicity of his   classical forms.   “Bolero” is a one movement orchestra piece by French composer Maurice Ravel.           Bolero is a piece that follows a straight forward form in which the composer shows      how skillful he is using the different colors in the orchestra.   2.  Antonin Dvorak (1841-1940) is a Czech Bohemian composer.  Like other Romantic composers, Dvorak expressed his nationalism using the music of their songs, dances, folklore. He wrote the Slavonic Dances, a suite for orchestra, using traditional rhythms from his country.  Guideline for Performance Report 1.   Date, time and location of the performance. 2.   Specify kind of hall [recital hall, concert hall, church, etc.] if it applies. 3.   Dress code (uniform if any) of participants. 4.   Program notes, artist’s biography, translations [if provided]. How did they help you in                      the appreciation of the music?  (They should be read before listening to the music) 5.   Pay special attention to the use of the basic elements of music [type of melody,       range, tempo, dynamics, texture, etc.] 6.   Classify voices, if applicable (operas, oratorios, vocal recitals, musical theater). 7.   Specify kind and size of musical ensemble. Is it an orchestra, a chorus (male,          female, mixed, children), chamber ensemble, others?   8.   Was it a concert or a recital?  Was it an opera, an oratorio?  Were there any       encores? 9.   Was it a popular/folklore music concert? Any particular cultural characteristics          maybe in the instruments, singing style, etcetera?  10.  Describe mood of musical pieces (each movement, wherever possible); the style of        playing; any solos; which group of instruments was the attention grabber (tone             color); etc.  Please provide the name and specify title or movement(s)

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