How do Teams Work?

Importance of Diversity in Teams

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How do Teams Work?
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Team Assignment: How do Teams Work?

In this assignment, you will work with your team members to discuss a topic with regards to teams. The topics from which your team can choose are listed below and you may make your selection early in the session. When conducting your research, ensure that you present thoroughly researched information and share the work amongst team members. As a team, you will determine which one topic below you would like to discuss (one topic per team). The selection is based on first come first serve basis.

Below are the topics from which your team can choose:

The importance of diversity in teams

This assignment will be completed using PowerPoint using at least 20 slides (the title slide and reference slide will not count towards the slide count). To ensure that you are not including an abundance of information on each of your slides, please make great use of the speaker notes located at the bottom of the Power Point application. Use your speaker notes to go into more detail of what you are trying to convey on each slide.

You will need to use at least 3 references, to include the textbook and two outside sources. Your slides will need to meet APA standards. Please refer to an APA Manual with efforts to learn how to effectively produce your slides, in accordance to APA. Be sure to support and justify your suppositions and conclusions with references to relevant library resources and academic journals.


You will need to also submit a completed Team Log and a Team Charter, in Moodle under week 7. Be creative in how you will meet to discuss your team assignment. You are free to use the discussion forum, telephone, e-mail, instant messenger, in person, etc.

Content and Development

10 Points Possible

Points Possible Points Earned Comments
Discussed the advantages when working in teams 4
Discussed the disadvantages when working in teams 4
Used a minimum of 20 slides 2
Readability and Style

4 Points Possible

Points Possible Points Earned Comments
Sentences are complete, clear and concise. 1
Made great use of the speaker notes 1
Slides transitioned effectively from one slide to the next 1
Slides were not overwhelming in nature 1

6 Points Possible

Points Possible Points Earned Comments
Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed. 1
Used an adequate amount of references throughout slides 1
Team charter submitted 1
Team log submitted 1
Citations included & APA style followed as needed. 1
Spelling is correct. 1
Total Points 20 0 Submitted on Time?
Date Due and Date Submitted: 2/6/20 Yes! Full Credit
Adjusted Points




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