Finishing up a writing proposal on Pride and Prejudice novel

For your final assignment, expand and develop the idea you outlined in your Final Paper Proposal (seen in uploaded files). Make use of at least two scholarly secondary sources by way of investigating your topic; you’re welcome to take up a source on the list of suggestions I’ve put up on Blackboard, but you should also feel free to seek out other sources. If you have any question about whether a secondary source is scholarly, get in touch.

As in the case with all of the assignments this semester, remember to focus on textual detail and specific passages in your chosen novel(s), and make sure to support your claims with specific evidence cited directly from your primary and secondary texts. While personal opinion and larger historical contexts are interesting sources of inspiration for a topic of literary analysis, those should not be the focus of this paper: a successful paper will take as its primary concern the world of each novel itself and how that world is constructed through textual elements, patterns, tropes, and structures.

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Finishing up a writing proposal on Pride and Prejudice novel
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