Explain how organizations can deal with conflict.

The principles or values of an organization have a significant impact on communication, collaborations, and conflict management. These items are particularly crucial when an organization is going through change. Change can create a feeling of uncertainty among employees and among teams.

In a minimum 2-page paper, discuss the influence of organizational principles on communication, facilitation, collaborative planning, and decision-making. Elaborate on the following:

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Explain how organizations can deal with conflict.
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  • Explain how organizations can deal with conflict.
  • Describe your approach to conflict and how you would go about resolving conflict as a leader.
  • What are some conflict management strategies? Which conflict management strategies would you incorporate and why?
  • What strategies would you use to create a positive environment if you were leading a department?
  • Include an APA formatted title and reference page to document your sources, In text citing included.

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