Experimental Design Project

Step 3: Conduct your Experiment and Write the Method and Result Sections

You will NOT collect data from a sample but conduct a test run of your experiment on at least one person or pet from within “your bubble (=Covid-safe)”. Make arrangements to meet with that person.

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Experimental Design Project
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Make sure you have everything you need including a printout of your Informed Consent and Debriefing which your person(s) has/have to sign. If you work with a pet, have the owner sign the Informed Consent (if you are the owner, you will sign). Know how you will record the outcome (your DV) and be prepared. Think through all aspects of the experiment.

Conduct the experiment with your person or pet. These are people or animals familiar to you, yet, you have to conduct yourself as a professional.

Write the Method section using the APA template: Participants (Name your target population, the describe the person or pet you did the test run on). Materials (describe all materials used in great detail). Procedure (From Informed Consent signing to step-by-step experiment description to Debriefing).

Write the Results section reporting the exact results from your test run (I want to see actual numbers not a vague description). Be precise. Also mention whether your results support your hypotheses or if you found something different (you may not be able to fully answer this in a test run but discuss).

Step 4: Write your Discussion Section, Abstract, and the References page

Write your Discussion section using the APA Template. First, summarize your study in one sentence. Then critically evaluate your research question and study: What are the strength and the weaknesses of your research question and the actual experiment as seen in the test run? What are the limitations of the study (what question will you be able to answer, what questions will still be open? Why is this study important and who would benefit from the results and how? How can future studies build on the results from this study?

Write the Abstract (leave it as the second page as per template) which is a summary of what you did in 200 words or less.

Add the References page using APA formatting NOT any other style. The page has to be titled References as per Template.

Submit your COMPLETE research report (title page to references, all sections, also what you submitted last week).


Methods (5 points max)

____Description of Target Population and Participant (5 points)
____Description of Materials (2 points)
____Description of Procedure (2 point)

Results (5 points max)

____Description of Results (5 points)

Discussion (5 points max)

____Discussion critical analysis of study: strength and weaknesses/limitations (3 points)

____Describes importance of study (2 points)

APA style, language, and formatting (20 points max)

____Wrote a clearly and in own words (no quotation marks (5 points)
____References page includes article in APA format (5 points)

____Title page in APA style (3 points)

____Used template (2 points)

____Overall clear language, grammar, no typos (5 points)

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