ENG 102


THESIS:  A partnership between recruiters, career service professionals and corporate organizations to educate students about the demands of the job market would help in bridging the gap between career and college.       1. Bridging the Gaps: College Pathways to Career Success    ·       James E. Rosenbaum  ·       Book ·       2017     2. Millennial College Graduates: Young, Educated, Jobless  –       Leah McGrath Goodman  –       Newsweek Magazine  –       May 2015 3. The uncertain present and future for recent graduates ·       Jessica Jones ·       International New Source ·       9th September 2020    4. Enhancing Skills for Employment in the Workplace of the Future 2020 Using the Theory of Connectivity: Shared and Adaptive Personal Learning Environments in a Spanish Context   ·       Jorge Expósito López José Javier Romero-Díaz de la Guardia María del Carmen Olmos-Gómez Ramón Chacón-Cuberos Eva María Olmedo-Moreno ·       Scholarly article from CSU Global Library / Journal –       2019 5. Enhancing Online Language Learning as a Tool to Boost Employability   Escobar, Sol; Krauß, Susanne Scholarly article from CSU Global Library / Journal 2017   6. Career Readiness: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Workforce Preparation – Lori Meyers – Policy Priorities – Web source – Fall 2014 7. Closing the gap: A millennial proposal for a happy multigenerational workplace – Patrice Thompson – TED Talk – Nontraditional source – 2015   Your essay must address the following: ·       Be persuasive in purpose, i.e. have an argument ·       Be directed at a specific audience ·       Have a thesis statement, which includes a claim and reasons ·       Support the thesis through evidence from research ·       Summarize and respond to counter arguments ·       Document sources both within the essay (parenthetical citations) and in an APA formatted References page When you initially read these instructions in Week 1 of this course, this may sound like a lot of work, but you will find that as you move through the term you will engage in critical thinking, researching, and writing about this issue in the weeks leading up to the completion of your research paper.  The purpose of this course is to teach you aspects of writing as process.  Remember that your task as you move through the term is to take what you have learned and shape it into a specific argument for a persuasive purpose. ·       Purpose: to persuade audience to accept a claim about a debatable issue ·       Audience: specific/narrow group who can make change regarding this issue, e.g. state or local government ·       Voice: Third-person (no “you” voice; limited “I” voice for personal stories/examples) ·       Length: 1,800+ words (not including References page) ·       Citations: APA parenthetical/in-text citations throughout and APA References page com Score: 5-20% range. ·       Sources: 8 or more research sources used and cited within the essay (and on the References page) o   3+ peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the library databases o   2+ magazine/newspaper/government document/book/eBook sources (or peer-reviewed articles) o   2+ other credible sources, such as more general websites (may include any of the more credible source types above) o   1+ personal interview A Successful Argument Essay* ·       Essay is persuasive, utilized rhetorical devices, demonstrating largely effective logical and persuasive skill. ·       Essay is directed at a specific/narrow audience. ·       Successful focus on topic and stance; thesis is a viable, well-worded opinion (claim + reasons format) leading to focused argument. ·       Thesis and body strongly aligned throughout: flows in an organized manner that matches the thesis “map.” ·       Utilizes topic sentences, transitions, etc. well and paragraph content is focused, purposeful, and smooth. ·       Support is extensive, varied, and sophisticated throughout the paper: ·       Informs audience about the background/context of the issue. ·       Offers strong support for thesis by developing the reasons listed in the thesis. ·       Cites and incorporates evidence from multiples sources for each reason. ·       Employs research from at least 8 credible sources, meeting requirement. Sources are current (published within last five years). ·       Synthesizes research with writer’s own ideas. ·       Source materials are smoothly integrated with successful interpretation/accreditation; avoids “dropped”/”dumped” quotations. ·       Successfully synthesizes opposing points-of-view, i.e. fairly acknowledges and responds to possible counterarguments. ·       Cites paraphrases, summaries, and quotations with APA parenthetical citations. ·       Point-of-view is appropriate and sustained with third-person voice. ·       Language usage, voice, style, and tone are appropriate and effective; insignificant padding, redundancy, and/or overstatement. ·       Errors in surface features largely non-existent; minor errors do not distract from reading. ·       Is double-spaced, alphabetized, and indented as prescribed by APA conventions, uses level headers to separate sections of content for ease of reading.

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