Do an external research on the industry and/or the company

Business Analysis

The page limit is 3 pages of text; not counting bibliography and cover page.

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Do an external research on the industry and/or the company
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Critical analyses must be a maximum of three pages in length; only the first three pages will be read and evaluated. You must first identify a problem or opportunity and discuss a viable, themed integrated operations (how do you DO this?) solution based on your analysis of the firm’s circumstances. The general structure of papers involves a well-reasoned emphasisinvolving the following elements. Depending on your theme, your emphasis may shift among them.

  • Concisely describe the case-specific business situation, including the relevant macro-environmental, landscape and micro-environmental conditions facing the organization.
  • Develop your problem/theme statement: the opportunity or threat facing the organization. This theme statement goes in paragraph #1 or #2 as a clear, concise phrase.
  • If, and only if, realistic alternative approaches exist, present each alternative in sufficient detail to give the reader an idea of why it may be beneficial as opposed to another course. Do not discuss meaningless or unrealistic alternatives: doing that hurts your grade a lot.
  • Inform the reader of your specific, well-integrated reasons for any recommendations. This should include relevant value enhancing information (financials; profit-loss; brand value, etc.). Useful data, methods and/or expert opinion, well assessed, are expected.
  • Since this is an integrative applications course, your paper’s focus is always on: 1) specifically how will you do this and 2) how does your recommendation affect various important operational areas of the business’ performance, in other words, integrate the implications across various business operations areas like finance, marketing, risk, etc.

You are strongly encouraged to do external research on the industry and company for your paper. Don’t expect above a “C” for papers that use only the case itself without external, professional quality research to add further value.

You are encouraged to do external research on the industry and/or the company as a context for your analysis. In-text source citations that include author, year and page (if possible) and a comprehensive bibliography are required. Example: (Smith 2019, 27).

the professor wants the paper be very specific about how the solution you give can help the company, and the solution should be feasible.

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