Discussion post

Questions to be answered:

What is the emerging impact of climate change on the world’s food supply? How does this impact reflect “negative externalities” and “Karl Polanyi’s Paradox” (as defined in GPCC, not Michael Polanyi’s Paradox)?

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Discussion post
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What is the relationship of gender inequality and violence to food insecurity?

How are climate change and drought forcing many Guatemalans to migrate?

What are causes of food insecurity in the U.S.?

What is the most basic cause of world hunger today? What is the most common form of hunger? What is the relationship of hunger to overpopulation? How does hunger reflect “negative externalities” and “Karl Polanyi’s Paradox” (as defined in GPCC)?

What was the Green Revolution? What have been its lasting problems, and how do they reflect “negative externalities” and “Karl Polanyi’s Paradox” (as defined in GPCC)? By contrast, what is the “clean farming revolution”?

What are the economics and politics of hunger? Specifically, what does it mean that “people command food through entitlements” and what are the causes of failures of entitlement?

What is the anatomy of famine? Specifically, what does it mean that “even historically, famines resulted from entitlement failures rather than insufficient food”? Use the example of Malawi to address that question.

250 word minimum; no maximum word count. Display the word count at the end of your post.

Sources for answering questions:
Part 1

“Ending hunger now” (video, 19 minutes)

“Ending hunger now—What’s missing from Josette Sheeran’s talk?”

Ending Hunger Now – what's missing from Josette Sheeran's talk?

Part 2

“Food loss and food waste” (video, 3 minutes)

Part 3

“Climate change’s impact on the world’s future food supply” (video, 45 seconds)

“Climate change forces desperate Guatemalans to migrate”

“UN report: World hunger again on the rise” (video, 4:35 minutes)

Part 4

“What does gender inequality have to do with food insecurity?” (text and video, 2:15 minutes)

“The campaign to end hunger must focus on violence against women”

Part 5

Income inequality: Hunger down the block (video, 7 minutes)

The new face of hunger: Why are people malnourished in the richest country on earth? (National Geographic photo essay)

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