David Hume books review – pros and cons arguments

For or against David Hume’s views on his book, An Enquiry of Concerning Human Understanding

I will like to write about David Hume. I am familiar with the subject as it’s fresh from class. I can utilize my notes in combination with his book, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding to really capture Hume’s theories onto my paper. I can write about my favorite topics that he stands for in his book since I agree with most of his work. Naturally, Hume’s work is a derivative of his life experiences and research. His propositions are mere relatable when justifying that there are two different kinds of philosophers. For example, there are those whom take an active role in the discipline because they see man as being born into action and those whom philosophize passively by reasoning why current practices are the way they are. Hume discusses Cause and Effect throughout section four on his book, “All reasonings concerning matter of fact seem to be founded on the relation of Cause and Effect, (19”). His logic towards this subject is impressive to me, I would like to really emphasize on it and discuss my own thoughts about it. Of course, I agree with most of Hume’s thinking, so I’ll try to find some sort of disagreement in order to really make this paper interesting.

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David Hume books review – pros and cons arguments
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