Dangerous of social media surveillance


The topic I choose is  Kitchin writes of the “new epistemology” of big data (lecture week 9). Characterize this epistemological shift and why Kitchin sees this change of paradigm as a dangerous departure from scientific method and accountability. Make an argument for (or against) the importance and implications of big data in terms of issues such as “surveillance capitalism,” “algorithmic bias,” or mental health. I wrote the statement of argument for this essay:   When we think of urban surveillance, we can see that social media surveillance invaded people’s privacy and control people’s actions. The negative side of public surveillance is the merge of the capitalist model. Different companies such as Twitter and Instagram have surveilled people’s views, activities, and interests anytime, and they link their products to people’s interests and sell the product to the users. The way social media monitor users are multiple and are growing continuously. When people download an app and start to use it, they ignore the app use contract. Some consent is unfair, and people do not even notice the issue of consent. Some conditions of the support are required you to open the microphone. The apps can sound monitor people’s daily speaking and analyze the context, therefore sell products to people. One of the surveillance capitalism is social media instructive people to buy products. Sometimes, people buy products not to follow their interests but by the instruction of social media. The adverts on social media are base on people’s recent viewing of the internet. Big data can analyze data and post the adverting you are most interested in, and spread the information around. In the way of surveillance capitalism, users are the product that the company sells to advertisers. The internet company gets the most benefits from us. This paper will use surveillance capitalism as the model to *USE EXAMPLE FOR THE THESIS STATEMENT!  You have to write 3 examples that relative  to the topic. Each example should have 400 words.

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Dangerous of social media surveillance
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