Curate a Humans of New York style series


*PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY* Humans of Education Major Course Move & Learning Objective: Create a meaningful assemblage using collected artifacts (Collecting and curating) Context: At the beginning of the course, you wrote narratives relating your educational experiences that tell us something about how you learn and you developed key terms based on patterns you noticed in narratives and identified 5 or 6 that particularly interested you. Now, we circle back from our trip through social-scientific methods to storytelling, which is where we began the work this term. The major assignment for this module asks you to now investigate others’ educational experiences in order to expand on the patterns you began noticing. Task: You will be collecting others’ educational experiences, through interviews and photos, to curate a Humans of New York-style series that will explore keywords and issues significant to you that emerged out of our narratives. We will be modeling our projects after Humans of New York in order to collect narratives that we may not otherwise hear, much like Brandon Stanton (the creator of HONY) attempts to do. Therefore, the educational narratives that you collect should represent narratives that may not otherwise enter mainstream conversations about education. You will submit three Interview transcriptions for your HoED series; each will be 1-3 minutes long. The interviews will be raw as you record (i.e., allow the person to speak freely in response to your question). You will turn the raw interview into a transcript, which you will then select from and organize what the person has said. As you select and organize, you will need to represent the person faithfully and accurately, while also shaping a powerful narrative that reveals something about the person, their experiences, and the contexts of those experiences. Each narrative from your interviews will be roughly 400-words in length with an accompanying photo of your interviewee. A template layout in Google Slides will be provided for you to insert the text and photos into. The culminating project of this module will be truly interdisciplinary as you will need the questioning strategies you develop through interviewing people and the storytelling conventions you practiced in your anecdotes. Submission Information: Submit your Humans of Education (HoED) series to HuskyCT by downloading your Google slides as a PDF. (You can find instructions for converting slides to PDF at this link: Evaluation Criteria: Create a meaningful series of narratives that demonstrate something important about educational experiences to your audience Explore possible connections among collected interviews Determine principles of selection and organization for curating the interviews into narratives Create a search strategy by writing questions to elicit information from interviewees

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Curate a Humans of New York style series
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