Company case study

Case study questions: Tam Technologies

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Company case study
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· Provide a brief synopsis and overview of the presented case. What were the major leadership issues presented?

· Classify the leadership issues into one of the following three categories: Change leadership, Team dynamics, or Organizational systems.

· Provide support in the professional literature as related to these three topics, from either within this course, from other courses in your graduate program, and/or other literature, to support your classification.

· Place yourself in the role of a leader in the presented scenario. What would you actions have been? How do your recommended actions compare to what was presented in the scenario? Why?

Company: Trojan Technologies – UV technology

Established in 1977 Ontario, Canada

Office / market locations – Canada, North America – California, The Hague, Netherlands

Finance: staff approx. 50employees, by 1992 sales reached excess of 10 million, 1993 IPO Toronto Public Stock Exchange. By 2003 reached sales of about 300 million

Pros- increase in profits and staff

Con- poor communication between departs, need to identify chain of command top down – hierarchy issues

Call center needs access to consumer files, customer support – on site visits needs immediate support, projects needs attention from start to finish

Lack of new hire standardized employee training need appropriate classification roles for expertise level employees and company veterans – long term employees.

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