Changing ones mind


In a carefully developed and thoughtful essay, present a discussion based on one of the topics listed below. Whatever topic you choose, your essay should be based on significant personal experiences. Include descriptive details; beware of an approach that is too general. Also, it is important to avoid an attempt to cover more than a brief period of time. The following points should also be observed as general principles of successful writing: Paragraphs should be well constructed. Each paragraph should contain four to seven grammatically correct sentences. Word usage should be varied and proficient. Steer away from overuse of one- and two-syllable words. Colloquial words and cliched phrases should be avoided. We should be particularly wary of “one-size-fits-all” words such as “things,” “you,” “do,” and “get.” Look beyond your most recent experiences as you compose your essay. We tend to edit out minor or trivial details as we discuss past experiences. We are usually at our best as writers when we focus on events that have occurred several months in the past or earlier. This assignment also asks you to provide a THESIS STATEMENT. The THESIS STATEMENT should present a very brief summary of the major point or points that you wish to make in your essay. The most common location for a THESIS STATEMENT is at the close of your first paragraph. As you begin writing, you should try to formulate a provisional or “working” version of the thesis. You might find that a more exact version is best written as you near completion of the first draft of your essay. TOPIC: CHANGING one’s mind: Over time, we will develop many viewpoints, likes, and dislikes toward other individuals, places we are familiar with, foods we eat, types of movies or music, and activities we engage in. “Familiarity breeds contempt,” according to one often-repeated statement. We may also develop friendships with others as we become familiar with them. Think of one or more areas where you have changed your viewpoint. Try to remember certain moments or situations when your views, likes, or dislikes changed. Develop and present your discussion of your experiences and viewpoints with attention to organizing effective paragraphs.

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Changing ones mind
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