The question is : Explain the foundations of loyalty according to Duska. How is loyalty to a company different than loyalty to a family member? To a country? Then offer two criticisms of his argument.

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Grade is based on both thoroughness and writing/grammar (includes appropriate citations*) 1-2 pages. Double spaced 12 pt Times New Roman. Because you have limited space, you DO NOT need to include a header or a title. You do not need to restate the question, and you do not need an introductory paragraph or conclusion paragraph

Here is examples of the citation

Documents are checked for plagiarism and therefore you must use quotation marks around quoted text, and use in-text citations even if the material you are referencing comes from the course readings. A reference list is not required if you are using assigned class material. Examples:

1.The right to be informed is a basic consumer right (Ch 14)

2.Ciulla argues that people do have freedom of choice, but they don’t always have viable options.

3.“The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits.” (Friedman).

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