Business Case Study


Read “Trapped Inside the Facebook Bubble?” in Chapter 11 (page 733 of the 2017 edition and Page 746 of the 2019 edition). Read “The Dark Side of Social Networks” in Chapter 11 (Page 727 of the 2017 edition and Page 740 of the 2019 edition).   Read “Case Study: eBay Evolves” in Chapter 11 (Page 752 of the 2017 edition and Page 766 of the 2019 edition). *Note: there may be slight wording differences between these editions, but the assignment is unaffected. Conduct independent research on eBay as a company, current challenges, and any other information that you believe would be pertinent to your ability to answer the case study questions. Write a single 500-word double-spaced essay summarizing the two articles on social networks.  This essay is worth 20% of your case study grade.  Rubric: Organization=3 points, Grammar=1 point, Content=2 points. Write a minimum of 2000 word double-spaced essay 12-point font that answers the four eBay case study questions in the book.  This essay is worth 80% of your case study grade.  Rubric: Organization=10 points, Grammar=4 points, Content=10 points.   Your combined essays need to be at least 2500 words.  Submit as a single PDF (preferred) or Word file.  I will subtract points for improperly cited resources – the first citation issue is a freebie (warning in my feedback), the second and third citation issues are -5 points, the fourth through sixth citation issues are -10 points, and more than six citation issues is an F on the assignment and plagiarism report to the Office of Student Conduct. You may use either APA or MLA format, but you must properly cite any materials borrowed from others (paraphrased or quoted).  For APA, use in-text parenthetical citations and for MLA use footnotes.

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Business Case Study
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