Black Lives Matter


SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology Formal Writing Assignment Your task is to: Choose a social topic that is of interest to you. What would you like to learn about when you think about life in society? (1)(3) You will explore sociological research done on this topic as a way to learn about the topic, the research process and how sociologists approach a topic when they do research. Explain why you choose your topic? What is it that interests you about it? (1)(3) Social scientists use the three main sociological perspectives to analyze any topic. (1)(3) Structural/Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionism. For each of these three sociological perspectives, find two (2) research articles where a sociologist has completed research on your topic. (A total of 6 articles.) Be sure to search only for sociological research articles. Give background information on your topic (1)(3) You must provide background data on your topic: define your terms; give it’s history; populations covered; explore data related to it. Is it a recurring issue or a new one? A major issue for many or a topic limited to a smaller audience? Support this with data from a scholarly source. From each article, report what you discovered: The theory applied. The population studied. The hypothesis tested (if applicable). The methods used. The research findings (results). (3) Your library resources are found under the sociological lib guide provided in the FAMU library. A library training session will familiarize you with how to access these and inform you on searching techniques. A list of Sociological peer reviewed Journals is under the files section in Canvas. You must stay within this research genre. Information on the American Sociological Association format style is available through the library and will compose a class assignment. (1) Your role in this paper is to: Inform your audience as if you are the expert passing on information to them The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in: Academic writing (1) using The format of a formal essay with an introduction, each separate point in its own paragraph, and a conclusion. American Sociological Association formatting for in-text citations and bibliographic references. This assignment will also expand your research skills because you must find and cite supporting information from social science sources. Audience: A classmate who missed the lecture or an interested novice. Interactive Component: This is a ‘scafolded’ project. It will occur in phases and students will learn to help each other as they learn to constructively critique and edit written work. The first draft will be submitted by bringing a hard copy to class with you. (4) A first draft is more than an outline or 2-3 pages. It should be work that is almost completed. In-class dyads of students will cross check each other’s work to be sure that all of the required information is present and citations are used as needed (5) Each reviewer will check to be sure the proper amount of articles are present, and that the article framework is in place. A full explanation of each theoretical perspective should be present at this point, as should required citations in the proper format. Reasons for choosing the topic, an explanation of the topic (background/history) should be present. (2) Your reviewer needs work to analyze, as the critical reviews will be graded for quality. The second draft will be submitted by bringing a hard copy to class with you. (4) Each reviewer will use the rubric to ‘grade’ the paper and to offer helpful commentary. Examples include, but are not limited to: Be sure that three (3) examples of each theoretical perspective are present. (2) ASA formatted citation and bibliography checked in-class (1) Times New Roman Font; one inch margins; double spaced; section headings used; grammar, etc. Your final submission will be a revised and completed report. It will be uploaded to Safe Assign and a hard copy will be brought to class.. WEC Best Practices / Principles (1) Writing to learn activities help reinforce conceptual knowledge while learning to write prepares students for discipline-specific writing expectations. (2) Encouraging students to write about a topic is a valid way for them to learn about that topic. (43 Strong revision practices increase the quality of student writing, gradually moving students towards self-assessment. (4) (5) Writing is recursive and requires reflection to access its deepest meaning. (6) Teaching peer review promotes collaborative learning.

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Black Lives Matter
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