For this assignment you need to write a short autobiography of yourself. Your essay is NOT to focus on all the aspects of your life but specifically to look back and highlight times when you can see males and females being treated differently (even if you did not realize it at the time). For example, if you were female, were you encouraged to not take certain courses in school (like calculus or shop class?) If your school had both men’s and women’s basketball, were there enthusiastic and supportive crowds at the games of both teams? Have you witnessed or heard of a co-worker experiencing sexual harassment? I would be very surprised (and not just a little suspicious) if you have not seen at some point in your life women and men being treated differently. For the conclusion of your assignment, discuss what we as individuals and as a community might do to address discrimination. Your essay should be 2-3 pages long (no penalty for longer essays) and will be worth 100 points. As always, it will be graded for both content (analysis) and grammar.   ***I am male, information can be made up, no sources needed

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