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Write an essay of no more than 675 words (typed, double-spaced, twelve-point font) on one of the following topics. (The word limit should be taken seriously: a clear, coherent, complete paper shorter than 675 words is perfectly acceptable: any words beyond the limit may not be read.)

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1. According to Marquis, what makes killing wrong? Why does he think that this argument does not make contraception impermissible?

2. Explain Thomson’s thought experiment about the violinist, what relation it has to the case of abortion, and why she thinks that reflection on this thought experiment reveals that abortion is not unjust.

3. Explain the distinction between killing and letting die and its significance for medical ethics, and explain why Rachels does not think that killing someone is morally worse than letting someone die.

4. “The basic principle of equality,” Peter Singer says, “is equality of consideration” (p. 104). Explain “the basic principle of equality” and how consideration of it is supposed to lead to the conclusion that all animals are equal.

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