Data analysis project (language and identity)

Language and Identity

What are some the ways in which the use of language reflects identity? These might, for example, include the use of particular vocabulary, the use of a particular voice quality, or through the way which you express a particular point of view. Choose spoken or written data which you think reflects ways in which language reflects identity. The data much be naturally occurring, authentic (i.e. not text-book or rehearsed) examples of spoken or written language. You can use text message data, on line chat, if you wish, or social media data such Facebook or Twitter.

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Data analysis project (language and identity)
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Your assignment should cover background theory relevant to your topic, analysis of your data, discussion of your analysis in relation to previous research on your topic, and suggestions for teaching using your data. The teaching suggestions should include a description of the target learner group, the aim of the activity, and a sample of the material you would use in the activity, illustrating how you have used your data analysis to inform your teaching.

You should devote about one quarter of your assignment to each of these areas: background theory, analysis of data, discussion of analysis, the implications for language teaching.

You should use the following subheadings:
Background theory
Analysis of data
Discussion of analysis
The implications for language teaching from the data analysis

Use Chapter 2 of Discourse analysis (Paltridge, 2012) as the starting point for this assignment. Also:

Block, D. (2007). Second language identities. London: Continuum. Chapter 2. Identities in the social sciences today
LaBelle, S. (2011). Language and identity. in A. Mooney, L. Thomas, S. Wareing, J. Stilwell Peccei, S. LaBelle, B. E. Henriksen, E. Eppler, A. Irwin, P. Pichler, P. Preece & S. Soden (Eds.), Language, society and power, Third edition (pp. 173-188). London: Routledge (in electronic reserve)
Paltridge, B. (2015). Language, identity and communities of practice. In D. Djenar, A. Mahboob, & K. Cruickshank (Eds.), Language and identity across modes of communication (pp. 15-25). Boston, MA: De Gruyter Mouton.
Tagg, C. (2012). Discourse of text messaging. London: Continuum. Chapter 8. Performing identity through text messaging. (in electronic reserve)

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