Harmony of the Gospels Exercise


Objective: Examine the harmony of three subjects in the Synoptic Gospels. There are times when we look at the same things but see them differently. Matthew, Mark and Luke wrote about many of the same events and people in the life and ministry of Jesus, but each of the synoptic gospels reflects how each man, by divine inspiration, viewed the events, teaching and characters in the life of Christ. As you use the Harmony of Gospels, you will have the opportunity to observe just how much in common the gospel stories have with each other while showing differences in language, content, and writing style. -Review the Harmony of the Gospels chart. -Select three subjects from the chart that are recorded in the Synoptic Gospels. -Read each of the passages associated with the three subjects you have selected. -Your exercise will have three paragraphs, one for each subject. In 200-250 words, discuss the similarities and differences between the different Gospels accounts of the subject. Repeat the process for the other two subject areas. The exercise should be a total of 600-750 words.

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Harmony of the Gospels Exercise
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