Suicide and LGBTQ Youth: Transsexual Community

I need to create a hypothetical study. The following critical elements must be addressed:

Research Questions:

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Suicide and LGBTQ Youth: Transsexual Community
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1- ***What is the relationship between being part of the LGBTQ and suicide?

2- ***Does being trans increase the likelihood that suicide will happen?


I. The paper will have 5 sections. 1 ethics, 2 limitations, 3 validity, 4 additional research questions and possible practical applications and 5 your conclusion section of your hypothetical study.

II. The validity section is unique to this paper as most proposals and journal articles do not have a section outlining threats to validity. It is being asked of you as a way to practice this knowledge.

III. Next, make sure you include the following essential information that pertains to the Discussion section:

 Assuming that the results of your hypothetical study support your research question, discuss how your hypothetical findings contribute to the knowledge of your research question and the problem you were studying. This should include future research questions that are inspired by your hypothetical study as well as possible practical applications for the field.
 Describe the possible limitations your study had with regard to the design, the procedure, the subjects, and the measures used.
 Discuss any ethical issues your hypothetical study might have encountered and how it could be resolved in the future.
 Discuss threats to the validity of your hypothetical study. You MUST select two of the main categories from the table below and then select at least one concept from within each type of validity you have chosen. How was your hypothetical study impacted by the threats you identified and how could this be avoided in future research?

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