For this assignment please use the book titled “ I want to be somebody new” by Robert Lopshire. Please search for book online you should be able to view entire book for free somewhere. Instructions for this assignment are down below. Ou can find the book on YouTube just type in the title and author name.


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Written Assignment: Read-Alouds

Components: 4 page paper (typed, double spaced)
Reading aloud is critical for ELLs. The textbook points out that “reading aloud is one of the most important things a teacher can do to help ELLs learn to read” (Wright, 2015, p. 197). Reading aloud gives students access to written material beyond their independent reading ability and develops their written and oral language skills in English. For this project you will write up a “read-aloud guide” for a book that you find and choose. You do not need to purchase a book for this assignment but you do need to have access to the actual book for the assignment, so please consider using local public libraries. When selecting a book for this assignment, first pick a particular age group (i.e. K or 2nd grade) and assume that you have a range of English proficiency levels among your students. Then consider:
◼ Enjoyment of reading: Is this book interesting, and exciting?
◼ Relevance of reading: Does this book build on prior knowledge or experiences that are likely to be familiar?
◼ Challenge of reading: Is it likely that this book would be slightly above the independent reading level of students at this age/grade level?
◼ Language of reading: Does this book present rich and varied language? Consider rhyming, metaphors, and varied vocabulary and sounds.
◼ Cognition of reading: Does this book present rich and varied opportunities to grasp the story or information through structure, plot, character development, illustrations and/or diverse presentation of content?
◼ Social aspect of reading: Does this book lend itself well to discussion?
◼ Visual aspect of reading: Does this book have vivid illustrations that are likely to engage readers and support understanding?

When writing your read-aloud guide, include:
• Basic information: The grade/age group of focus and bibliographic information
• Justification for why this book is appropriate for a read-aloud activity with ELLs. In your justification include responses to the questions above. It is important that your responses are specific for ELLs to show that you are considering how to differentiate for them.
• Guidance for using this book with the BDA framework for a read aloud with ELLs specificaly, including:
• Before reading: Helping ELLs activate their prior knowledge, surveying or previewing the text before reading it, scaffolding difficult language, both vocabulary and language structures.
• During reading: Modeling reading strategies, helping ELLs make connections with other texts they have read or experiences they have had.
• After reading: Helping ELLs consolidate, elaborate, and deepen their understanding of the text and the connections they have made.

• 45-50 points: Paper demonstrates excellent composition skills including a clear focus, appropriate and effective organization, convincing supporting evidence, and perfect or near perfect mechanics including spelling and punctuation. The writing perfectly accomplishes the objectives of the assignment.
• 40-44 points: Paper contains strong composition skills including a clear focus with only minor flaws in organization and supporting evidence. Paper showscareful use of mechanics with few mistakes in spelling and punctuation. The writing effectively accomplishes the goals of the assignment.
• 35-39 points: Paper contains average composition skills, including a clear focus, although organization and supporting evidence may be insufficient in one area. Paper shows competence in the use of mechanics. Paper accomplishes the goals of the assignment with an overall effective approach.
• 30-34 points: Paper demonstrates below average composition skills and the focus and organization may be somewhat unclear and unsupported. Paper mechanics including spelling and punctuation show numerous flaws. Minimally accomplishes the goals of the assignment.
• Less than 30 points: Composition skills in the paper may be seriously flawed in either the clarity of the focus, the organization, or the development of supporting evidence. Flaws in mechanics may seriously affect clarity. Fails to accomplish the goals of the assignment.
• Credit will not be given for an assignment that does not contain necessary citation. This means that if the assignment does not have proper citation when needed it will receive a grade of 0. This expectation is taken seriously. Refer to the Purdue University “OWL” website as a resource for proper citation. The link is in the syllabus and was assigned during the first week of the semester.

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