Final Project Check-in – Revised Thesis Statement and Working Bibliography (11/22)

In the files I will put what should be revised and further instructions
Purpose: Revise your working thesis statement and research scholarly sources (at least three sources) to use in an annotated bibliography. NOTE: Before starting your assignment, refer to the Starting Your Final Researched Essay page to guide you with thesis development and the research process.


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Final Project Check-in – Revised Thesis Statement and Working Bibliography (11/22)
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First, in bold, write your updated thesis statement for your researched essay. Please reference the following link for some handy tips on improving your thesis statement:
University of Illinois’ Center for Writing Studies –

Next, post your updated annotated bibliography with at least three academic sources that you plan to use for your researched essay. Compose these as though they are entries in a Works Cited page. Make certain that they are listed in alphabetical order and use correct MLA format.
For each source, as you have done before, include 2-3 sentences summarizing the source, 2-3 sentences evaluating the source, and 2-3 sentences reflecting on how you will use the source in your final researched essay. Be sure and look at the feedback you received from your past annotated bibliography assignments to guide you in this one.
NOTE: Be sure to check the course calendar frequently while you are working in this research unit.

Submission Criteria (points may be deducted for not following these guidelines):

Upload your bibliography to the submission folder by the due date given by your instructor. On the first page of your assignment, include your name, date, and assignment name.
Criteria on which you will be graded:

Your revised thesis statement makes a unique claim (argument) about the text and makes a comment about your position in relation to the topic.
Your annotated bibliography includes three scholarly sources that relate to your chosen work (short story, poem, drama), your thesis, and/or your chosen literary criticism
Your writing engages specific ideas in the texts (not general observations) for the distinct purposes of analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.
Clear, grammatically correct prose.
Correct MLA guidelines for citations.

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