Telling a story with Data


FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TASK Watch this Ted Talk about the workforce crisis of 2030 and answer the following questions.  Rainer Strack: The surprising workforce crisis of 2030 — and how to start solving it now  (Links to an external site.) Minimize Video In the Ted Talk, consider how Rainer Strack strategically used analytics to tell his story.   1.  How did he use data to frame his problem and propose solutions?  2.  What stood out to you about his presentation (don’t focus on content, but rather his method of delivery and use of data)?  3.  How effective is he a telling a story using analytics? 4.  Consider the Ted Talk and your reading this week, why is telling a story important? 5.  What can you do to make your data more impactful?

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Telling a story with Data
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