Security, privacy, and confidentiality as they relate to patient information and data integrity


Instructions: on these subject above Threats to security, privacy, and confidentiality HIPAA regulation Practices that protect information and data   Begin with an APA-formatted title page. Insert a page break after the title page to begin your summary. Beginning on page 2, write a 500-word article summary that includes a topic sentence. An academic summary focuses on identifying what is most important in the article and relating those facts in APA format.  You can use your Academic Writer account for help with APA format. The topic sentence should tell readers the title of the article, the name of the author, and what you’ve determined the main point of the article to be. It will only include ideas from the original text; you will not insert your own opinions or interpretations.  This paper should be an attempt at formal, academic writing using APA style.  View the following sample paper to guide your APA formatting: Sample APA Style Paper Links to an external site. . Insert a page break to create your References page.  Since you’re going to be summarizing an article that has been published in an academic journal and you’re going to have found that journal in one of Galen Library’s online databases, the citation on the References page will be written as follows: AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstInitial. (Year). Title of the article using sentence capitalization. Name of Journal Using Title Capitalization, volume#(issue#), page range of entry.  Retrieved from <url> Ex: Jackson, S. (2017). The stages of patient admission. Journal of Nursing, 7(1), 45 – 48.   Items of note: For the volume and issue number, you’re just listing the numbers. The volume number will be italicized, but the issue number will not be italicized. Use sentence capitalization for the title of the article; that is, you’re only going to capitalize the first word of the title and any proper nouns. This document should be formatted according to APA standards:  Times New Roman, 12pt. font Double-spaced lines 1″ margins for the entire document First-line indent for all new paragraphs Title page Running head on all pages Page numbers References page with a correctly-written APA citation, formatted with hanging indents

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Security, privacy, and confidentiality as they relate to patient information and data integrity
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