Rhetorical Analysis Essay


Your task is to explain in detail how the fourth source given does and does not fit within that form, using the essay I have already written, along with 3 sources related to it.  Assignment Description For this part of the analysis assignment, your task is to find an example of your rhetorical form and write an analysis that explains how it measures up as an example of that form. So if you have already written your analysis of the convocation address using three examples provided by your instructor, now your job is to find another convocation address and explain in detail how it does and does not fit within that form. This essay is shorter than the first one; you will have 500 words rather than 750. You do not have to introduce or explain the form, because you can approach this as a continuation of the previous essay. You can assume that your reader has already read your analysis of the form itself. Your introduction, then, should be fairly brief. It will introduce readers to the example you have chosen and advance your claim of how well it fits within the form. Again, you want to avoid mere summary or description. You want, instead, to look closely at how the author adheres to the form. Does the author give any indication that they are following a set pattern? Is there reference to the rhetorical situation in the text of the work itself? Does the author make any interesting departures from the form? Think about your points and consciously choose the features that are most interesting and important. This meansthat you probably won’t list all of the features in the text, and you probably won’t movethrough the text from beginning to end. Consider, too, your paragraphs. You will likely only have 3 or 4 paragraphs, depending on how long they are. Make the most of them and think about how you are using them to organize your ideas for your reader. Assignment Requirements For this essay you must do the following: Use one source that you have located using library resources Read your source and determine how it conforms to the rhetorical form and situation presented in Part I Write a 500-word essay that explains your reasoning Organize your paragraphs in a format that makes sense for your thesis and your essay Cite your sources using MLA formatting accurately Create an MLA works-cited page Submit your completed essay via Blackboard

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay
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