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6 lines for each it is a discussion assignment This theory was made by Howard Donahue from Baltimore. Donahue is a world war 2 veteran and a firearm specialist. Donahue proved that Oswald’s bolt action rifle could have fired 3 times with 2 hits on the moving target in less than 6 seconds. Later on in Donahue’s research into all of the theory’s he then started to believe that the fatal head shot was an accident fired by one of the secret service agents from the open security car just behind the presidential limousine. The Theory: Oswald fired his first shot from the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository soon after the motorcade made the turn onto Elm street, but his scope was not adjusted properly according to the warren commission and the bullet missed hitting the pavement behind and to the right of Kennedy’s limousine. Fragments ricocheted up and struck the inside windshield trim. At least 2 caught the president in the scalp and caused him to cry out “My god! I’m hit!” Oswald chambered a 2nd round this time he skipped the rifle’s offset mounted scope and instead drew a bead along the iron sight on top of the barrel. He fired again and the bullet his Kennedy’s upper back and exited his neck and pierced Governor Connally’s right side. At this moment photo’s of Dealey Plaza show secret service special agent George W Hickey Jr riding in the left near seat of the follow up car and sitting up high near the trunk deck already turned completely around and was looking back towards the Book Depository that may well have spotted the barrel of Oswald’s rifle from the 6th floor. Hickey then reached down and grabbed the colt AR-15 select fire semi automatic rifle from the floor odd the car and flipped the safety lever off. He started to stand and turn to acquire Oswald’s position and return the fire but the follow up car braked suddenly to avoid collision with the presidential limousine and hickey lost his balance and his finger slipped and his weapon discharged a bullet flying 3,300 feet per second when it hit Kennedy’s head 21 feet away. I think this is a vert interesting theory. I have heard some theory’s about it being the man with the umbrella and his umbrella was actually a gun. I have also heard that it wasn’t Oswald at all and someone from another building or from the ground shot him. I have also heard it was an inside job. This is the first time I am hearing about this one. I think this could be credible and that the government just covered it up since it was an accident. If it were an inside job it would have been covered up as well though. This assassination will probably never get completely solved because there are just so many ways that it could’ve gone down. also for this too In the article Hidden In Plain Sight the author Bonar Menninger starts by writing how he got interested in the investigation of the killing of John F. Kennedy. It all started when he was interviewing a private investigator for a story about his company. The person being interviewed told him that he had participated for the investigation of the death of the president. After that Bonar started to get more and more into doing his own investigation of what might of happened to the president John F. Kennedy. Howard Donahue a gunsmith had “figured” out how the president got killed. This is just a theory, so it does not mean it is true. It’s just a speculation of something that most likely happened at the shooting in Texas. Donahue says that the person who tries to kill John F. Kennedy ford once and missed hitting the pavement. Took another chance and fired again not only missing the president, but injuring Gov. Connally. The third shot that killed John F. Kennedy, according to Donahue was shot by the Secrete Service cents that was behind the presidential limousine. Based on what he thinks happened is that the agent saw where the shots were coming from and when he grabbed a rifle form the bottom of the seat and pointed at the sixth floor of a book depository the car breaker making the agency unable and loose control. The agent sliding his finger and firing the last shot that killed the president. Not a murder, but an accident. It is speculated that the person who killed, or in this case tried to kill president F. Kennedy was Lee Harvey Oswald. With Donahue’s theory though the person who killed the president was totally a different one. A Secrete Service agent that was supposed to keep the president safe. It was an accident of course, because he did not meant to fire the rifle to John F. Kennedy, but the person who was on the sixth floor of the book depository. I think this is just a theory, and it could be true. Yet so we can prove this theory true, there has to be solid proof that it happened. It is possible, but until not proven guilty I cannot say weather it can be a true statement. and this is my writing. Both comment must share similarity and differences

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Reply for these writings
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