Reflective Journal Assignment


The reflective journal assignment requires that you use sociological concepts (such as social norms, deviance, socialization, social construction of race, racism, ethnocentrism, gender socialization, gender roles, gender norms, economic stratification, feminization of poverty, etc.) to reflect upon your life. There is a 2 page minimum requirement, double spaced, New Times Roman. If you do not complete the entire two (2) pages, you will receive a zero. No exceptions. What I am looking for is for you to tell me about your life, and tell me how sociology applies to what you’ve already experienced; generally this consists of 3 memories. Use at least 5 concepts to explain your experiences. You can use any concepts in the textbook. Do Not use sociological perspectives as your concepts. You can include them, but they won’t count towards your minimum requirement. I want to see that you understand sociology! Use at least 5 concepts and bold them in your paper. Your paper is expected to be college quality, with appropriate use of punctuation, and paragraphs.

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Reflective Journal Assignment
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