Literary Settings


Select one of stories or poems to write about.  Alexie, S. (2017). This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona. In L.Kirszner& S.Mandell(Eds.), Portable literature: Reading, reacting, writing, 9thed (pps. 205-216). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. (Original work published 1993) Whitman, W. (2017). I hear America singing. In L.Kirszner& S.Mandell(Eds.), Portable literature: Reading, reacting, writing, 9thed (p. 795). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. (Original work published 1867) Hughes, L. (2020/1926). I, Too. American Literature.  Tan, A. (2017). Two kinds. In L. Kirszner & S. Mandell (Eds.), Portable literature: Reading, reacting, writing, 9thed (pp. 471-480). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. (Original work published 1989)  Your audience for this essay is people who have read the stories/poems.   Use text examples to support your answer.   Your essay will have the following components:  o A title page o An Introduction  o A thesis at the end of the introduction that clearly states how setting affects the story  o Supporting sections that defend your thesis/focus of the essay  o Text support with properly cited in-text citations  o A concluding paragraph o A reference page with the short story citation Requirements:  • Length and format: At least 2 pages.   • The title page and reference page are also required, but they should not be factored into the 2-page length of the essay.  • The paper should be double spaced with 1-inch margins. Choice of fonts: 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial,12-point Times New Roman. Essay should conform to APA formatting and citation style.  • Use the third-person, objective voice, avoiding personal pronouns such as “I,” “you,” “we,” etc.  • Please use the short story sources and any outside sources you need to create a properly formatted APA reference page.  • Use APA format for in-text citations and references when using outside sources and textual evidence. • Skills to be assessed with this assignment: creating effective thesis statements, incorporating text, responding to literature.

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Literary Settings
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