Humanities Homework


First post your response to the topic below (in about 100-200 words, worth 75 points), and then read and reply (in just one sentence, worth 25 points) to someone else’s post. Note: You will not be able to view other students’ posts in this discussion board until you create your own post for the assignment. (1 post/75 points + 1 reply/25 points = 100 points total) Also, keep in mind that you are NOT using MLA guidelines for any of the discussion boards, so for these assignments, you don’t need to include the four-line header, page number, indented paragraph, Times New Roman font style, etc.; MLA guidelines should only be used for your essay assignments and research paper. You do, however, need to use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling for these assignments.  Do NOT upload a file for your discussion board posts (no one can read it if you do that).  Instead, actually write your post in the discussion board. Do not simply “cut and paste” information from the internet for your discussion post; put the information that you researched in your own words (see the plagiarism policy in your syllabus).  Topic: During the Baroque, Rococo, and Classical periods, much distinction was made between “high art” (which deserved respect and recognition and would stand the test of time) and “low art” (which was superficial and would not be remembered later in history). Do you agree with categorizing art in this way, as “high” or “low,” or should we judge the importance of artistic works in some other way? Instead of “high” or “low,” what are some other words (or categories) that you feel would better describe the different levels of artistic importance? Or do you feel that there shouldn’t be different “levels” of artistic importance at all?

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Humanities Homework
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