Demonstrating Effective Leadership assignment


Government officials are taking action to address a chronic population health concern in your area. As a member of this community, you have a good understanding of the local demographics and population health issues, including the potential implications for policy making, health care systems, service utilization, clinical practice, education, and the workforce. In your role as a doctoral graduate and health care practitioner, you have been asked to evaluate key aspects of the situation and lead an interprofessional team of your choosing (a coalition of community members and organizations, clinical providers, health care organizations, and civic and governmental agencies), to achieve the stated goal. This leadership position requires the ability to promote prevention efforts, quality improvement, service utilization and the reduction of health care costs. Prepare For this assignment, you will use what you have learned about population health; interprofessional collaboration and communication; the principles of ethics, diversity, and inclusion in health care; and the ways in which scholar-practitioners lead the implementation of best practices in health care. You will apply these leadership competencies to plan the formation of a collaborative, interprofessional coalition to address a population-based health concern from a nursing, public health, or health administration perspective. Write Your Paper To complete this assignment you need to: Analyze the impact of factors that contribute to this chronic population health concern. Examine the situation from a population health perspective. Provide context surrounding this concern. Identify the affected groups, and the environmental, social, and financial factors. Form a collaborative, interprofessional coalition to address this chronic population health concern. Consider, among others, key community members and organizations, clinical providers, and local and state agencies when making your selections. Select 5–10 members. Who must be included? Why? How will member selection contribute to the goal? What potential issues might arise affecting interprofessional collaboration? What strategies are needed to optimize collaboration and communication among coalition members? Explain potential ethical issues that might be relevant for the coalition to consider in addressing its mission. Consider access to care, financial barriers, environmental constraints, and the distribution of resources. Explain how ethical principles would apply in particular situations on a micro or meso level. Micro level: individual care encounters. Meso level: how systems are organized to deliver and ensure quality care for patients and populations (Ho & Pinney, 2016). Consider ethical codes of conduct applicable across disciplines represented in your coalition. What evidence supports your conclusions? Explain the principles of diversity and inclusion applicable to the formation of your coalition and its interactions with the community. Consider the impact of a diverse team on achieving coalition goals. How would you work within the coalition to establish a culture of inclusion, respect, and value? How would you promote community engagement, cultural awareness, health equity, and access to resources? Resources can include, but are not limited to, medications, transportation, and environmental resources. What are some best practices for interprofessional communication for this group? What evidence supports your conclusions? Explain how literature and research in the field can be used to develop best practices for addressing this chronic population health concern. Locate two current, peer-reviewed studies that coalition members should consider as foundational to developing an evidence-based intervention for the situation. Briefly explain how each study is relevant to the chronic population health concern. Reference Ho, A., & Pinney, S. (2016). Redefining ethical leadership in a 21st-century healthcare system. Healthcare Management Forum, 29(1), 39–42. In your assignment preparation activity in Week 2, you chose one case scenario as the chronic population health concern that you and your assembled coalition will address:

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Demonstrating Effective Leadership assignment
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