Chapter 17 reading summary and discussion board


Please upload 2 separate documents, the first document will contain 2 pages of the chapter 17 summary, and the 2nd document will contain 1 page of the discussion board.   I am looking for more your OWN WORDS, in the discussion as well as in your main post of chapter 17 – please do not use third party sources, DO NOT USE QUOTES FROM THE BOOK!  CHAPTER SUMMARIES: Chapter summaries are a minimum of 500 words, not including headers or footers, or paragraph headers, and should cover all the major concepts of each chapter, summarized in your own words, and not copied and pasted from the book or ANY outside source. These summaries should be written in your own words after having been summarized from the completed readings. Please see the grading rubric for additional details. Please summarize chapter 17 main concepts separately from the book, I will upload the book as a pdf, and I will upload the grading rubric!  Discussion Board:  What specific concepts (e.g. pick from Knowledge Units in the syllabus from the current week) to the current reading do you find the most interesting and/or impactful to Cybersecurity?  Explain the concept thoroughly, explain your position (e.g. why is it impactful to the field of Cybersecurity and/or so interesting to you) and provide several examples that support your argument. I will also upload the grading rubric for the discussion board.

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Chapter 17 reading summary and discussion board
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