Analytical Research Report


Formal research reports are produced by both academics and career professionals to help non specialists understand complex content or to share research findings with others in their field. For career professionals such reports are often requested by supervisors to answer specific questions for decision makers.  Your assignment is to use the formal analytical report format to write a well-researched report and a letter of transmittal addressed to the COO and the Public Relations Department of the power company you work for in the following scenario. Be sure to create informative, easy-to-interpret visual aids for presenting the survey results. Your formal analytical report should examine recent scholarly literature on the health effects of electromagnetic fields, present an analysis of the survey results provided below, and draw conclusions that help answer the research question you identify in response to the writing prompt scenario.  Your report must include: a cover page, a table of contents page, a list of figures page, an executive summary, an introduction section reviewing the research literature on the health impacts of EMFs and ending with a focused research rationale/statement based on the writing prompt scenario, a methods section, an survey results section, a discussion section providing analysis of the facts provided in the introduction’s literature review and the results section’s findings from the survey study, a conclusion section with specific recommendations, and a references page with at least five scholarly sources (peer reviewed academic journal articles or government agency reports). You must also write a letter of transmittal to accompany the report according to the directions in the writing prompt below. The use of a glossary or other appendixes is optional. The report will be graded on content, format, graphics, writing style, and grammar and it must adhere to the research request as it is presented in the scenario for the writing prompt below. In brief, the introduction should discuss the context of your work in a literature review and establish the question the research seeks to answer. The methodology should precisely and accurately describe the manner by which you gathered the survey data (we’re pretending here that you collected this data) that will answer your research question. The results section should display your survey data logically and clearly, using graphics where appropriate. The conclusion should analyze the results in a logical manner, explain their ramifications, discuss the limitations of the study, and make specific recommendations.

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Analytical Research Report
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