1. Explain and Illustrate Three Ways That Social Media Impacts Relationships Either Positively OR Negatively (*pick a position)


You might need to provide a definition for an abstract, misunderstood, confusing, or controversial term and then give examples to illustrate what the term means. Or, if you choose a topic that does not require a definition, you will need to explain something by giving a series of examples. The PowerPoint shown in class will help you organize your essay. Use the third-person point of view and the present tense. Make sure your thesis lists the three major supporting points for your body paragraphs in the order that they will be mentioned in the essay. Provide minor support that gives examples to back up the major support (topic sentences). Have a restatement in the conclusion.   Your first paragraph is the introduction. Provide background or hook and present a thesis as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph Have a parallel three-point plan of development and, depending on the topic, a definition. Avoid an announcement approach. (5 sentences) Your next three paragraphs are the body or supporting paragraphs. Present the paragraphs based on the order that the major supporting points are presented in the thesis and begin each paragraph with a transitional expression and a topic sentence. The minor support is made up of examples to explain or illustrate your main point in the topic sentence. Depending on the topic you select, you may need to provide facts, statistics, or quotations to adequately explain what you want to say. (7 to 10 sentences for each paragraph) The conclusion wraps things up. Have a restatement, but make sure it is just one of the sentences in the conclusion. You will need a couple more sentences after that. You might have advice, a call to action, or a wish for the future. (3 sentences) This essay is an expository essay. Thus, you need to have a three-point plan of development for the thesis. You also must have clear, direct topic sentences that help transition and define the main idea for each body paragraph. Use the present tense and third-person point of view. Follow the paragraph and essay length requirements for an essay based on the graphic organizer and class notes (5, 7-10, 7-10, 7-10, 3) Use the rubric as a guideline. Use the MLA guidelines. Make sure the thesis is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Present a parallel three-point plan of development. Define the term when needed. Use a transitional expression and topic sentence at the start of each body paragraph (first sentence). Support the topic sentence by providing examples to illustrate what you mean. Use the third person POV. Use the present tense. Use action verbs as much as possible. Edit for grammar, wording, organization, length, etc. Add facts, statistics, and quotations when necessary.

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1. Explain and Illustrate Three Ways That Social Media Impacts Relationships Either Positively OR Negatively (*pick a position)
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