The Next Big Challenge – Saving Ocean Animals from Pollution

Wk10: Research Assignment & Work Schedule Research Topic: “The Next Big Challenge” We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too. — JF Kennedy, 1962 Your research paper will be a 1200-1500 word researched paper describing “the next big challenge.” In 1962, John F. Kennedy set going to the moon as the next big challenge. In 1987, Reagan challenged the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall and rejoin the free world. In 2020, what do I mean by “the next big challenge”? It could be one of many, many things — but it should be something we choose to do because it is hard. The topic for this paper is challenge you would like to see a college, city, state, country, or world take on. There is, of course, a wide array of general topics you can start with: coronavirus, the current shattered economy, racial injustice, inequity, political system, poverty, student debt OR the exploration of space, vertical farming, reopening the world, cures for disease, progress toward peace. For this paper, however, your first challenge will be to narrow the focus to something more specific initiate out there: it cannot be “beat covid,” but it can be “build herd immunity through effective distribution of a safe vaccine .” it cannot be “support small businesses,” but it can be “pass X stimulus or aid to help small businesses” it cannot be “end poverty” but it can be “Kansas must devise a place to reduce evictions without hurting landlords” it cannot be “space exploration,” but it can be “launch a manned mission to Mars” it cannot be “climate change is bad” but it can be “reducing meat consumption will slow global warming” it cannot be “pollution” but it can be Johnson County and the KC metro should build a useable mass transit system By its nature, this paper will be persuasive and will require the writer do the following tasks: Identify the challenge we are facing Explain the harms the challenge is causing OR the potential rewards from doing something like exploring the ocean Give a detailed (and supported*) methodology for accomplishing the goal Explain how we will know we have met the challenge. *by supported I mean you can find experts talking about a solution — no “like if we were all just smiled at our neighbors we could make the world a better place” unless you can find several experts who have extensive smiling-at-neighbor research. No “it just makes sense that if we abolished X law things would be better.” Evidence, evidence, evidence. Paper requirements The paper must be at least 1200 words in length double-spaced, no blank lines or additional spaces in paragraphs (including Works Cited) The paper must present a clear, unified point with a variety of support. The writer’s voice must be dominant in the paper (however, avoid the “you” and write with the “I” only when describing personal experiences). The paper should avoid “paper talk” (i.e., “In this paper I will . . .” or “Now I will look at another case to see the other side” or “one of the articles I looked at”). The paper will use MLA documentation The paper topic must be something you want to spend several weeks with! Think about this carefully – this could be your last chance to write about something just because you want to know more about it. All topics related to abortion or lowering the drinking age are off the table—I’m done with those topics. Research requirements: At least two sources must be from 2018 or later. Students should use a balance of sources – not only in terms of balancing books and other media, but also in balancing sources with liberal or conservative points of view with other sources. You must use a minimum of 3 non-internet, library sources (including at least 2 from the databases (non-internet, library sources include books, journals – paper or in the periodical database–plus newspapers, government documents, documentaries, etc.). General encyclopedias (paper or electronic) should not be used as sources in a college paper. This includes Wikipedia—do not use it! Students should be able to produce sources upon request but won’t need to turn them in. Any Wiki )including Wikipedia),, and other internet sites that gather and publish public-generated materials are NOT academic sources and should not be used in college papers. Papers citing these kinds of sources will have their papers returned for revision until the offending source is eliminated. If you don’t know if your source is acceptable, you must ask; this is not a case where it is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. I will neither permit nor forgive! I want a proposal telling me what topic you have selected, why it is a good topic, how you will be doing the searches, and I want you to give me a list of 4 sources (2 from the college databases and 2 from the Internet) The following are the college sources that I submit to the professor. Denchak, Melissa. “Ocean Pollution: The Dirty Facts.” National Research Development Corporation. January 22, 2018. Henry, Ainsley. “Marine Pollution.” National Environment and Planning Agency. Rossi, Sergio. “Oceans in Decline.” Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2019, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-02514-4. Stafford, Richard, and Peter J. S. Jones. “Viewpoint – Ocean Plastic Pollution: A Convenient but Distracting Truth?” Marine Policy, vol. 103, 2019, pp. 187-19bcq1.

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The Next Big Challenge – Saving Ocean Animals from Pollution
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