Myths About Heroes

This paper is going to be about two heroes. It needs to be 3 pages for each hero (total of 6). I will upload 11 files from my book, which contains all the heroes that we discussed in my class. It does not matter to me which two heroes are picked, so I am leaving that on you. Please read the files and pick any 2 heroes and write about them. I will leave the instructions by my teacher down below to make it more clear and easy for you. “This paper is going to represent your own imagination at work. You are to compose two myths – each one approximately 3 pages long. You will be writing two stories about heroes (a term that includes divinities who act heroically, heroes who are partially divine or even heroes who are totally human – and do not forget the tricksters). Heroes often have character traits that are larger than life. Both their flaws and strengths may be beyond those of ordinary folks. Heroes also go on quests – to fulfill their destiny/find a treasure/learn answers to questions/rescue others from danger – the reasons depend on the hero/context/function of the tale. Heroes may or may not survive at the end, and they may even resort to magic or trickery if it helps them succeed. These are some of the lessons we have learned – keep these lessons in mind. Then… you MUST keep their character/nature/cultural background EXACTLY as it has been depicted in the tales. You cannot change THEM – in other words, you cannot give Thor the wisdom to learn from his own failures if he is one of your choices. What you MUST change, however, is the context – bring your two heroes out of the time/place from which they came and into the 21st century. They will still have the heroic nature and characteristics from the past, but you are setting them far outside their “comfort zone” to do whatever you have called them to do. What sort of task or quest will you give them? How will they behave and why? You will weave these two tales, from beginning to the end, keeping in mind that your hero’s lack of familiarity with our world and our ways may present some interesting challenges. Each tale is to be approx. 3 pages long.”

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Myths About Heroes
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