An investigation to establish what must the businesses do to overcomes the recessionary consequences of COVID-19

Hello. I need an undergraduate dissertation.this is the model they require. Thanks RESEARCH PROPOSAL Title of Topic/Project Proposal This needs to be well defined, precise and clearly written. It may well contain phrases such as; ‘An investigation into …’ ‘A critical analysis/appraisal of …’ ‘An investigation to establish/analyse the impact of …’ ‘A comparison between …’ A) Introduction Introduce the area of research and provide a brief summary of the main points and conclusions of your proposal (approx. 250 words) B) Theoretical background and research focus Review key publications and themes (briefly) Include hypotheses (if applicable) Your aims and objectives, and research questions (approx. 1000-1200 words) C) Justification and contextualization Why is your research important? Why is it important to find what you are trying to find? How will it build on the existing body of evidence? Is it timely? Does it respond to an existing need? What makes it so? (approx. 600 words) D) Methodology How will you achieve the research aims? Present the proposed research methodology (e.g. research paradigm, methodological approach, methods, techniques, sample size, target populations, equipment and data analysis, if applicable) and explain why is it the most appropriate way to effectively answer the research question. Have you considered (and disregarded) any alternatives? (approx. 600 words) The methodology section should also include a brief ‘Access and ethics’ section, which discusses what you consider to be the key ethical implications of your work and it should also explain how you will gain access to the research field, i.e. how you will find the information you need (approx. 100 words). It will also comprise ‘limitations’ section: Are there any limitations or downsides of your selected research strategy? How are they counterweighting the advantages? (approx. 100 words) (approx. 800 words altogether) E) Bibliography


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An investigation to establish what must the businesses do to overcomes the recessionary consequences of COVID-19
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