Hello,  I need help with my dissertation.  Dissertation need to contain these sections: 1. Abstract – one page (3 paragraph) a)Introduction to the project – topic, need for the research and benefit. b) Explanation of the research methods utilised to conduct the research. c) Breakdown of the key findings/outcomes of the research. 2. Acknowledgements (family, friends – I will do this section 3. Contents –  a)General issues (theory, previous research) -> large issue b)Specific Focus (statistical data) -> where+why) c)Specific Issue (statistical, theory) -> specific needs of the investigation 4. List of Graphs 5. Background (aprox. 2000 words) 6. Aim + Objectives – use mine from proposal. Proposal is saved in files. + insert also new  7. Literature Review (concepts, models, approaches) a) explain the intended purpose/contribution of the concept – what are acknowledged experts in the field saying its utility is, what it was designed for. b) what are the limitations/critique of the concept – what is their impact etc. c) why is the concept being used in your investigation despite the weaknesses etc highlighted above. 8. Methodology 1 – Research Philosophy 2 – Research Approach 3 – Research Strategy 4 – Secondary Information needs 5 – Primary information needs 6 – Project Management – Piloting, Intended Analysis, Ethical Considerations, Resources and Timeline. The section should reflect what was done, not just what was planned for. In the secondary section the following should be considered: In this section we need to identify specific data needs- i.e population statistics, price of goods etc. For each data need to we have to do the following: 1 – explain why we need it – how does it help us achieve our aim/objectives 2 – explain how will it be used 3 – explain the sources we utilised – why can we consider them reliable sources? 4 – express the limitations that the information/source contains 5 – assess the impact on our final conclusions – why we are still using it In the primary section the following should be considered: In our research we utilised several primary techniques such as questionnaires, interviews, observation etc. We should then do the following for each method: 1 – What is the method – what is it good for? Who says? (academic experts) why it is appropriate for your study. 2 – Creation of your Sample based on your identified population – explain how this was calculated 3 – Delivery – what methods did you employ to deliver your technique – why did you choose them? Why was that appropriate? Who says?(research experts) 4 – What did you ask? Why did you ask those questions? How were they designed to assist you in achieving your aim and objectives?  5 – Limitations of the method – impact on your conclusions? In project Management we should consider the following: 1 – Ethical Considerations 2 – Method of analysis – what techniques did you use – why? 3 – Piloting – how did you test your research materials and why? 4 – In your Proposal you explained what resources you needed, how much it would cost etc. you should then Contrast what happened by the end of the project with what you said in the Proposal – why were there changes? 5 – In the Proposal you also explained your timeline, what happened in reality? Why did it change? 9. Findings – questionnaires, interview 1 – The sophistication of our data analysis  2 – The organisation of this section of our work. 1 – Many people believe that it is a simple task to put data onto an excel spreadsheet, create a graph and then describe the trends. However this is very limited and we should try to go beyond this. At the very minimum we should discuss the implications of what we are seeing on the graph, at best we are using statistics to draw conclusions. Therefore you need to think of your project aims and what kind of statistical analysis is appropriate – after all they must bring meaning to your analysis and not just be there for window dressing. 2 – Information from different sources must be used together and by separating it we are weakening our analysis in the mind of our audience. So we must map gathered data to specific objectives from different sources and then use it together to ‘tell the story’ of the objective. 3 – The section must be structured around the main method of our research which is determined by our main Ontology. Therefore, if our main ontology is subjectivism, then the section is based around the conceptual maps derived from the interviews, with the questionnaire and statistics used to supplement and compare. If our main ontology is Objectivism, then the section is organized around the questionnaire information with the interviews used to supplement and compare.  10. Conclusion For our conclusions to be successful we should do the following: 1 – identification of key information from the analysis  2 – discussion of the implications of this key information on project stakeholders 3 – awareness of project limitations A recommendations section can then be added which can do the following: 1 – provide recommendations 2 – provide guidelines for the future 3 – make a proposal We must always remember that we are writing for the project stakeholders – in essence what do our findings mean for them? Furthermore we need to add in the following two section: 1 – Value of the Research – can we trust our findings completely? Do they add to our understanding of the subject area significantly? 2 – Future Direction – what should happen next with the research? Should we expand the investigation? Should a specific area be focused on? What is the next stage? 11. Self- reflections A – Experience – What happened to you during the project? – what were the significant events, incidents, processes and behaviours? B – Reflection – Question the experience – how did the vents make you feel? What was your reaction? C – Conceptualize – How can we understand our reactions? – how did you interpret the experience, what would you do differently next time? What did you learn from the experience? D – Planning – How will you change in the future? What steps will you take? What plan will you form? What skills do you need to develop? Questionnaires and interviews – please inform me how We will do it. If you will send me questions, I can create it, through my gmail.

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