The Boston tea Party


Directions: Research and choose four to six secondary sources on the topic. At least two of these sources must be books; you can also use academic articles or chapters from edited volumes. Your job is to pick good, relevant sources for the topic and be able to write about them without completely reading them. You will write a short annotated bibliography between 1,375 and 1,500 words. Your annotated bibliography should briefly summarize each source. But more importantly, your essay should also put them in conversation with each other in terms of how they fit into the broader topic.  Like any essay, however, it should have a title and an explanation of your topic. There are several strategies to do this. Many books and articles are online. One strategy might be to read the first few pages of an article or the introduction to a book. A good introduction should tell you exactly what the work is about. Introductions often have good quotes from the author telling what the work is about. Another strategy is to read book reviews. These are often short synopses of books that evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. You can often find reviews through Quicksearch, JSTOR (a library database), or sometimes through Google. Citations: In this paper, you will use properly formatted Chicago Style footnotes to cite each author.

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The Boston tea Party
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