Reflection Activity


Answer these questions about the essay. No editing. These are the feedback I got from my classmates: Feedback #1: Each point is very clear to peer pressure. The second paragraph gets a little carried away. I like the points that you have in it but I would lead back to your thesis. You have great cited sources and I really like this topic. Peer pressure could go both ways but I like how you rounded it out. Your essay shows that some of your cited parts are spelled wrong so I would double check that. Feedback #2: Each point is significant, so they are relevant to the essay.  I believe everyone has experienced peer pressure in their life, even if it’s at least once. Overall, your essay had very strong claims, and I have no complaints. What comments are in your intro? What issues are holding back the intro to be as clear as possible? What can you do to help solve the issues that the comments bring up? Did your reader have any issues with your summary/background section? Did notes appear later in the body sections of something being unclear when it comes to the overall issue or something not being setup? How can it be worked into your summary section? What are the notes on your body paragraphs? Why did your peer not have a clear understanding in this section? How can this be fixed? When it comes to the refutation, did your peers have anything to say? If so, what did they say? Is your refutation a strawman or too easy to counter? Do you counter? What can be done to make your refutation stronger to please your peers? What grammar errors were marked by your peers? Is there one that appears repeatedly? How can you fix this and/or be aware of this in the future? What MLA format errors were marked? Are these consistent? Why did these errors happen? What can be done to fix these errors? How can you be aware of this in the future? What comment stuck out to you the most? Why do you think it stuck out? What can be done to address this comment?

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Reflection Activity
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