Gun Control


Gun Control Research Questionnaire Please answer each questions with as much detail as possible. Thank you! 1) How do you feel gun control curbs the effect of gun violence in your neighborhood and community? 2) What are the particular laws in effect in your area? 3) How do you feel that socioeconomic status in your neighborhood affected the use of firearms? 4) What steps do you believe should be put in place in order to help law enforcement and local authorities stop gun violence in your community? 5) What has worked so far in your community to reduce gun violence? 6) Who do you believe should be excluded from owning guns? 7) What is your belief regarding controlling all guns, and does it mean that the second amendment right to bear arms is being taken away from the citizens of this country? 8) How does mass shootings differ from other types of gun violence and how does mass shootings change your opinion regarding gun control? 9) How do guns get into the hands of those who commit crimes and how can this actually be stopped? 10) What is your solution to slowing down the use of firearms in the commission of crimes? my information: Im live in Florida. Broward County. I’m a female, victim of gun violence. I believe in the third amendment, the right for citizens to bare arms.

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Gun Control
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