Culture and Gender


The manner in which a society values the female gender is indicative of many other aspects of its culture. Historically, the great majority of cultures were ( are ) patriarchal i.e. male dominated.  This does not mean that matriarchal societies are all that rare. The concept of male vs female domination in societies has been evolving for thousands of years. In India, China, Africa we find a number of historical matriarchal societies. Matriarchal societies that have endured for centuries Links to an external site.  . Historically we have defined societies ans male or female oriented without parsing the phrase and delving into the subtler aspects of this reality While women have played a subservient role in in most Western societies, the influence exerted by women is profound over time. Consider the following pioneers in their respective fields: Marie Curie – Medicine Links to an external site. Barbara McClintock Geneticist Links to an external site. Ada Lovelace, Computer Scientist Links to an external site. Annie Malone and CJ American Business Links to an external site. These are a tiny sampling of women who have impacted the world and yet are little known to most people. For this week we will take a look at a film documentary on Madame Curie as she was known.  This first link is to a one hour documentary presentation by the BBC on Marie Curie and her journey to discovering Radium and beginnings of the medical specialty of Radiology for diagnosis and Cancer treatment  Links to an external site. Your assignment then, in addition to reading Chapter 9 and reviewing the above, is to view either of the films on Madame Curie and write a 500 word reflection paper. Your  paper should not be a a recap of the plot line, but rather an examination of the significance of her work as it relates to how women in general were viewed at the time You may want to also tie in the work and lives of other women mentioned here or elsewhere.  Papers should have a heading and title per APA guidelines. No cover page is required.                   Double Space – points will be deducted for  single spaced paper               Use only WORD format

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Culture and Gender
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